Libraries gave us power

Everything Must Go is a very bittersweet album, but also a revolution. No one knew what would happen to the band after Richey disappeared, but the band came back in the strongest way possible. This album used some of the words Richey left behind, but it focuses on a new sound and a new message. It’s […]

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Rock and roll has a conscience

Okay, so after the whole sell 16 million copies with the first album, change the world and break up the band thing didn’t work, the Manics released Gold Against the Soul in 1993. This is probably one of their weakest album both in popular and personal opinion, but it’s one that feels especially nostalgic to […]

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New Art Riot

June 22, 1990 – New Art Riot EP is released. This is the Manics’ first debut and it’s painfully naive, angry and fast paced. But, since boredom is the enemy, I’m not going to gush over all the bullshit about frustration and feelings. So, let’s conquer the world already. *I won’t do this for every album […]

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Ready for Revolution?

*Fair warning, you may leave this blog totally mindfucked with a desire to burn down the first bank you see. Straight from the little ex-mining town of Blackwood, South Wales, Manic Street Preachers are the the band that changed my life. I grew up with them (not on them) thanks to my mom’s obsession with the […]

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